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Unsurpassed Thermal Management Solutions with Premium Efficiency

Hybrid infrastructure is a growing trend in the data centre industry. Studies* predict that by 2025, 80% of companies will replace their traditional data centres with a hybrid design, which requires a more efficient cooling approach.

When it comes to thermal management systems, there are certain limitations in the fixed compressor or legacy variable systems as these cannot cope with expended evaporating temperatures and have finite compressor control during partial load.

As server power consumption changes in proportional to computational loads, it affects the required airflow through the server. 

Additionally, virtualization is commonly deployed to improve the server utilization ratio, which can result in varying power requirements. Thermal management systems must provide variable cooling capacity and variable airflow to properly match the variable power and variable airflow of today’s technology rooms. 

Quick Facts

  • Exceptional efficiency at partial load, almost 25% more efficient than other make.
  • Regulation of the inverter driven compressor between 30 and 100% of the rated value.
  • Microchannel based evaporator coil with multiple electronic expansion valves maximize heat transfer and minimizes power consumption.

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Introducing Next-Gen Thermal
Management Solution for Data Centres

  • Liebert® PEX4TM efficiently reduces operating costs with enhanced capacity fit into compact footprint. 
  • Combining the best accessories such as inverter compressor, EC fan, EEV & microchannel coil, Liebert PEX4 with superior technology allows modern data centres to enjoy abundant load variations with premium efficiency.

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