Industrial Chillers - Reverse Cycle

Thermal IQ reverse cycle chillers are designed supply chilled or hot water to a process that requires a stable water temperature year-round. Typically they will supply hot water in winter and cold water in summer.

The units are manufactured in Australia to suit local condition and give our customer the solutions they need. They can be installed indoors or outdoors and can be configured to supply chilled water for

• Potable water applications

• Process cooling from an internal buffer tank

• Process cooling to an external buffer tank

The unit can be supplied in sizes from 5 to 100kW. When a unit is quoted a detailed data sheet will be supplied with the quote with the accurate specification suited to customer needs.

Reverse Cycle Chiller Applications

Industrial process chillers are designed to circulate water to a heat producing process via a water pump. The water brings the heat back to the chiller where the compression cycle cools the water before it is returned to the heat process.


Food Preparation

Medical Apps

Process Cooling



The units are supplied with – as standard.

• Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation

• Rugged galvanized steel construction

• Components sourced from the industries tier one suppliers

• Integrated circulation pump

• Comprehensive 12 months warranty on all parts and labour

• Highly accurate electronic controller

• 316SS plate heat exchanger evaporator

• Comprehensive factory testing before dispatch