Heat Pumps Water to Water

Heat Pump Applications

Heat pumps are designed to circulate water a produce hot water for a variety of application – capturing heat from the air they are an extremely efficient method of pricing hot water via a water pump.


Food Preparation


Swimming pools

Process heating


The heat pumps are supplied with – as standard
• Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation
• Rugged stainless-steel construction
• Components sourced from the industry’s leading suppliers
• R134a refrigerant for high ambient temperature operation and the lowest GWP of all contemporary refrigerants
• Integrated circulation pump if required.
• Comprehensive 12 months warranty on all parts and labour.
• Highly accurate electronic controller
• 316SS plate heat exchanger condenser
• Comprehensive factory testing before dispatch.
• Condenser protection on all models

Water to water heat pumps use the waste heat from the chillers in the building for water heating. The systems can be designed to use the chiller cooling loop or the cooling tower water. Whichever method is used the effect is the same – the energy comes for free, it lessens the cooling load on the chiller and very high coefficient of performance is achieved– up to 7.0 in some cases.

All Thermal IQ heat pumps have as standard inclusions.

Automatic Hot Gas Defrost/de-ice Protection is standard to protect the plate heat exchanger evaporator

Rugged stainless steel chassis construction for all weather durability

High efficiency scroll compressors from the industry’s leading suppliers for durability and long product life

Staging control for up to 8 heat pumps – this allows the lead machine to manage all the other machines in the installation turning them on and off as they are needed for maximum product life and efficiency.

Components used in Thermal IQ Solutions heat pumps are sourced from the industry’s tier one suppliers.
• Evaporators – Australian
• Compressor – USA or France
• Heat exchanger – USA, Sweden or Germany – model specific
• Controller – Australia
• Switching equipment – contactors, thermal protection, phase failure and transducers– Sweden/ France
• Expansion and solenoid valves – France


– Double wall heat condensers
– Shell and tube heat exchangers
– Modbus connectivity
– Variable speed inverter compressors

Below is some general technical data on the heat pump – Thermal IQ can produce units to 300kW if required.When a unit is quoted, the quote will include specific technical data that meet the customers requirements.

All operational heating capacity, power consumption and current draw data shown above is based on the unit operating at the limit of its design and is intended to be an indication only. The electrical data is based on 380V power supply – where the power is 415V the current draw and power consumption will also be different.

Each unit will be individually designed to customer requirements and a detailed product specification will be supplied at time of order including installation instructions and dimensions. The power consumed by the unit and the current it will draw vary depending on how the unit is constructed. The unit’s performance may also vary slightly from the figures above again based on customer requirements.

At Thermal IQ we are always improving our product range,so it is therefore subject to change without notice