In row cooling

Designed to Enhance Data Center Cooling Performance

The Vertiv™ Liebert® CRV4 thermal management solution is a row-based solution designed to provide maximum cooling in a compact footprint. 
The solution provides the highest efficiency and availability by removing heated air from the data center hot aisle and using it to return cooled air to the servers (cold aisle).

The Liebert CRV4 includes all of the critical functions fundamental to cooling units such as: humidification,  dehumidification, re-heating, air filtration, condensation management, temperature and humidity control, alarm functions and data  communications.

A stand-alone, direct  expansion system with variable capacity, available in both 300 mm (12 & 25 kW) and 600 mm (35 & 45 kW) versions, complete with roof or wall-mounted condenser. The Liebert CRV4 series enhances capacity range as well as offers superior performance over all the available row cooling solutions in the marketplace.

It is ideally suited for rack-level cooling, specifically designed for high return air temperatures. The Liebert CRV4 optimizes air distribution and
maximizes efficiency, delivering both cost and economical operation.


  • Suitable for small computer rooms to large data centres
  • Suitable for high density heat loads (>8 kW / rack)
  • Able to provide cooling with or without raised floor
  • Thermal Group Control for up to 32 units


Ultra efficiency by Liebert CRV4 at different load conditions.

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The Liebert CRV4 configuration:

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