Enterprise Solutions

Ensuring the continuity of today’s and tomorrow’s vital applications

Nearly all aspects of our lives involve the use of technology. It is how we work and play and do anything in between. This connectivity or use of data is built into the very fabric of our society. It is vital to human progress. Veriv believes there is a better way to meet this accelerating demand for data – one driven by passion and innovation. 

As industry experts and Architects of Continuity, we collaborate with our customers to envision and build future-ready infrastructures. We levearage our portfolio of hardware, software, analytics, and services to ensure our customers’ vital applications run continuously, perform optimally, and scale with business needs. 


Integrated Solutions

For network edge & converged system deployments

Rapidly reploy and manage IT infrastructures in just weeks without building new data centre spaces. Our Smart Solutions products help you meet your IT needs with significant savings. With simplified, standardized designs, you can start small and expand over time. 

Prefabricated Data Centres

Our Turnkey data center portfolio showcases our unique collaborative design-build process which delivers 0.5-30+ MW capacity for greenfield or brownfield sites that is deployed up to 50% faster than traditional constructions and is optimized to solve each customer’s individual challenges.

Data Center Infrastructure Management

Solving the biggest data center challenges with intelligent, holistic monitoring of equipment performance and status. Improve uptime, increase efficiency and enhance capacity planning with advanced monitoring features of DCIM.

Our solutions provide comprehensive functionality, scalability and security across the facility. By expanding data and analysis, we provide unprecedented insight which lowers the costs and enables rich remote management while ensuring security. 

Uninterruptable Power Supplies

We take a holistic approach to power efficiency and availability across the power spectrum. Using our solutions, companies can overcome challenges to developing, deploying and managing power regardless of industry. 

Thermal Management

Intelligent, comprehensive approach to managing and controlling heat across your mission-critical facilities. 

DC Power Systems

You need power you can count on and our DC power products deliver. Long known for reliability in telecommunications networks, DC power is also proving to be a viable alternative for IT networks. Our DC power products offer both efficient power protection with unit-level redundancy and easy connectivity with renewable energy sources.