Industrial Water Chillers - 30 to 50kW units

THERMAL IQ chillers are designed supply chilled water to heat developing processes. The units are manufactured in Australia to suit local condition and give our customer the solutions they need. They can be installed indoors or outdoors and can be configured to supply chilled water for:

• Potable water applications

• Process cooling from an internal buffer tank.

• Process cooling to an external buffer tank.

Chiller Applications

Industrial process chillers are designed to circulate water to a heat producing process via a water pump. The water brings the heat back to the chiller where the compression cycle cools the water before it is returned to the heat process.


Food Preparation


Process Cooling



The chillers are supplied with – as standard
• An internal 450L buffer tank to protect the compressor from excessive start, close temperature
tolerance, reduces thermal spikes and allows for vented design with no need for hydronics kit
• Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation
• Rugged galvanized steel construction
• Components sourced from the industries tier one suppliers
• R134a refrigerant for high ambient temperature operation and the lowest GWP of all contemporary refrigerants
• Integrated circulation pump
• Comprehensive 12 months warranty on all parts and labour
• Highly accurate electronic controller
• 316SS plate heat exchanger evaporator
• Comprehensive factory testing before dispatch


BMS Connectivity:
The chiller can be connected to the high or low level BMS
Low level connectivity will be dry contact for
– Master run
– Master fault

High level connectivity is Modbus, SNMP and Bacnet over Ethernet without the need for a gate way

Tandem/ N+1 (T):
The chiller can be wired if they are to be installed in a N+1 arrangement so the lead chiller manages the duty cycling of the chillers and controls the chillers if a fault should develop in one of the chillers

Potable water supply (I):
The chiller can be manufactured to deliver water for potable water application. A typical installation requires the chiller to be connected to the main water and the pressure from the main is used to supply the process.

The chiller will have a heat exchanger installed which will cool the mains water to the supply temperature in a single pass.

If the process does not require water the chillers operation is unaffected This method of construction also allows the chiller to be used to cool water
temperatures above 20C.

Remote Condensers (R):

The chiller can be manufactured as a split system. The evaporator can be installed indoors in a plant room for example and the condenser installed outdoors.

Typically, the maximum distance between the 2 halves of the chiller is 20 meters – for longer runs contact Thermex’s engineering staff

High corrosive environments:

If the chiller is to be installed in an environment with corrosive elements present the chiller can be manufactured in such a way to extend the life of the unit. 

These environments can be
– Coastal which high levels of salt spray present
– Mining with Sulphur present

The coils on the units can be coated to extend their life – the coil will lose efficiency if the bond between the copper and the aluminum starts to break down. 

The units can be constructed with stainless steel cabinets.

The electrical enclosures are weather proof but if an enclosure is required with a high IP rating this can be offered.

In the case where flammable gas is present an Ex or ATEX rated unit maybe required.

Soft starters:
In installations where the power supply is not robust soft starters can be supplied on the compressors to limit the in-rush current on compressor start up.

Redundant pumps:
The units can be supplied with 2 pumps that duty cycle to share the wear and tear. The software can also start the pump sitting in redundancy if the duty pump develops a fault

Pump UPS (U):
The electrical box can be supplied with a separate set of terminals to allow an uninterruptable power supply to be wired so the pump will run continuously – this allows the chiller to keep pumping cold water to the process in the event the 3 phase
supply develops and issue and allows the process to shut down in a managed way

The chiller can be supplied on wheels for ease of re-location

High Ambient:
For installations such as mine sites, especially in remote areas where the temperatures are extreme the chiller can be constructed to be able to handle these extreme

Inverter scroll technology – THERMAL IQhas exclusive access to Varium inverter scroll technology. The compressor is a permanent magnet, DC scroll that adjusts it speed between 20-100% to match the loads exactly. Under part load conditions, COP’s can be >7.0