Pump skids

At Thermal IQ we tell our customers that you cannot have enough stored water in any heating or cooling solutions. If in the case that remote buffer tank is utilized a secondary pump skid may be required. This minimizes compressor starts, close temperature tolerance and more energy efficient operation.

Having the pump skid fabricated prior to delivery allows the skid to be tested, customized and ensure that it is easy to install once it gets to site. Pump skids assembled in the factory are cheaper than site manufacture.

Like all our products, we are in a unique ability to customize the solutions. The options available with our pump’s skids are,
• Brand preference
• Pump soft start
• Software to manage duty cycling and N+1 control in the event of a pump fault.
• Modbus monitoring of pump performance
• Filtration is available with bypass to allow hot swap.
• Plumbed so if one pump develops a fault it can be hot swapped.
• IP66 enclosure for the control box
• Can be included with a buffer tank up to 5000L. Tank can be vented or pressurized to 10 bar –
polyprop or stainless tanks available.
• Pressure monitoring to check filtration performance.
• VSD available on the pump – control customized to customer requirements.