Australian owned and operated manufacturer of water heating, cooling & dispensing products

The engineering team at THERMAL IQ have a combined 5 decades in the Australian HVAC industry – our history goes directly back to the pioneers of chiller manufacturing in Australia – Blackmore and Singleman. No other company can offer this level of engineering experience and support for our customers critical applications. 


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THERMAL IQ is backed by a nationwide team of service technicians who are trained in the operation and maintenance of THERMAL IQ chillers. 

Expert Engineering

The engineering team at THERMAL IQ have a combined 5 decades in the Australian HVAC industry.

Locally Manufactured

We offer locally specified and manufactured equipment which are supplied with components sourced from the industry’s tier one suppliers

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We draw on over 50 years experience to design, build and produce industry leading Industrial Chiller solutions for your business.

We understand the Australian commercial HVAC industry inside out and have unrivalled knowledge across designing and building water chillers, critical cooling solutions and drinking water products.

As the Australian market grows and diversifies, THERMAL IQ can offer expert advice on chillers, heat pumps, variable speed high efficiency scroll chillers, large scale condensing units, air handling and more.  


Decades in the Australian HVAC industry


Products ranging from Chillers to Coolers

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